Your home is your protectant and shelter during our harsh Alaskan winters – it is important to treat it with care and kindness to make sure it is ready to go for you and your family when the unpredictable weather hits. It is important to take care of these tasks now before it’s too late.


1. Clean the gutters – we say it every season because of how important it is! Especially during this season when leaves are falling – clearing your gutters from any kind of blockage is crucial is preventing bursts or future problems. While you are up there, take a look at your roof and shingles to make sure they are all in good shape. If not, it is important to tackle their repair as soon as possible.

2.  Trees and shrubs – evaluate if there are any potential dangers to certain trees or shrubs around your home. If a tree is dead or branches are too close to your windows, you may want to consider calling an arborist to come and take care of them. It is the best time to trim off any dead branches out of trees.

3. Exterior Repairs – take a walk around your home and examine if anything needs repairing. It could be your siding, brick, the exterior of a window, cracks in your driveway or your foundation. Anything that needs to be repaired must be repaired before winter.

4. Seal gaps – with cooler weather approaching, all sorts of critters will be looking for warmer places to stay and your house may fall victim to that if you have any holes or gaps in your foundation. Mice don’t need that big of a hole to be able to invade!

5. Prep your winter supplies – check that all of your shovels are still in good shape and that your snowblower is ready and fueled up for a new season. Snow can hit at an unknown moment, so making sure your tools are prepped and ready is important!

6. Shut off outdoor water – turn off the water to exterior faucets to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

7. Weatherstripping – by adding weatherstripping to doors and windows, you can ensure there is no draft coming from outside that will rack up your energy bills.

8. Test Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors – self-explanatory and VERY important as we make our way into the cold seasons and using our furnaces. 

9. Clean Dryer Vents – lint build-up happens and it is important that your vents are cleared from any lingering pieces that could potentially cause major damage to your home.

10. Check your heating devices – whether you have a fireplace or furnace, it is important to check up on them to make sure they are cleaned, maintained and ready to work very soon.