1. Ran out of space – usually, you know it’s time to move when you no longer have space to hold the growing amount of people or things accumulated over the years. Whether that be you just had a baby, the kids are getting bigger, you are taking in some family members or just simply need more room to be able to live and not trip over your belongings, this is the first tell-tale sign that you need to move (and to a place with more square footage).
  2. Too much space – on the contrary, to point number one, maybe you have become empty nesters and now all of the sudden there is too much space in your home that needs to be tending to. Downsizing to a smaller home will create a more efficient space for your new lifestyle and positively, less to clean!
  3. Renovating vs. the cost – if your current home situation is in desperate need of some renovation and upgrading, it’s important to think about the cost of it all compared to moving into an already upgraded home. Projects like these almost always go over budget and will take a long time, especially if you would need to upgrade the whole home. 
  4. Ready for a new neighborhood – maybe you are sick of the downtown living and desire to have a home in a neighborhood with room to play. Moving out to the suburbs often provides a lower cost of living, safer neighborhoods and great options for schools nearby.
  5. Feeling unsafe – a point to really take seriously if you are feeling unsafe in the current neighborhood you are living in, you must remove yourself and find a home in a better place for you and your family to live in. Your home should be a place you feel most safe and if is not providing you that comfort, moving may be your best option.
  6. Too long of a commute – perhaps you got a new job and at first, was willing to look past the long commute. However, after a while, long commutes can become a huge burden. If you are sick of spending most of your time in your car instead of at home relaxing or with the family, moving somewhere closer to your place of employment can immediately fix that.
  7. You are unhappy – if the current house you are living in doesn’t bring you joy, this is an understandable reason as to why you should move. Your home is where your heart should be, a place of gathering, and a place that is aesthetically pleasing to you. If it doesn’t bring any of that to the table, moving to a more desirable home can be just the cure.