If your house is currently on the market, it is important to note what kind of buyers are currently searching for homes and how to make your home become the most valuable to them. According to Zillow Group’s Consumer Housing Report 2018, 42% of home buyers are Millennials. All things considered, that is a very large percentage for one generation of people to hold in a category like this one. What are some things that Millennial buyers are looking for in their future home? Here are some house upgrades you should consider before putting your home on the market if you are looking to appeal to a large majority of potential buyers.

  1. Energy-efficient appliances – millennials care about eco-friendly almost everything. If your home is supplied with Energy Star appliances, it is a huge bonus selling point to millennials.
  2. Smart technology – a smarter way to run the home! Kind of coinciding with energy-efficient appliances, smart thermostats are the new millennial must-have since it controls room temperatures and is able to turn on and off only when in need. Another big millennial hit is smart doorbells and security systems. There are an array of home security systems that can all be run by an app on your phone which millennials love.
  3. Neutral paint colors – gone are the days of red walls and purple bedrooms. Millennials are more likely to become attracted to homes that have neutral paint jobs like white or light grey. 
  4. Home office – technology has completely changed the modern-day work life. A lot of millennials have the option to work from home and having a home office would be crucial in their search process. If you have a dining room that never gets used, consider staging it as an office instead. Most likely, this age group would prefer to use that space as a home office and are happy with dining tables in the kitchen or sunroom area.
  5. Minimalist aesthetics – if you are planning on renovating or taking on projects in certain rooms, remember that less is more. Millennials are very much into the minimalist aesthetics and sleek, modern design. Keeping it simple when it comes to cabinet choices, vinyl or hardwood floors and even backsplashes are much more preferable.
  6. Built-in storage – since a minimalist aesthetic is what is most “in” right now, having a lot of built-in storage options is great way to hide away all of your stuff in order to maintain the minimalist look. Built-in storage units help maintain a smooth look of the home but are also functional – a huge win!
  7. Landscaping – curb appeal is important to millennials and to any generation for that matter! Millennials understand the work and time it takes to build up a full-grown area of bushes, plants, and flowers. So, a home that comes with it already started is exciting and appealing.
  8. USB outlets – a fun last suggestion to do if you feel like the rest of your house could win a millennial over. Everyone nowadays has a smartphone or some sort of tablet that needs charging. Providing an option to just plugin straight from a USB cord will definitely turn some heads!