There is no need to explain yourself to us if you treat your furry child just like the human ones. Dogs truly are a mans best friend and we love to spoil them too! If you are looking to make your home a little more dog-friendly or incorporate more build-ins for your pet to create more cohesiveness throughout your home, here are some great ideas!

  1. A Pet Shower – if your dog is truly Alaskan, then they love adventuring outdoors. However, that becomes a problem when those muddy paws come tracking inside. Pet showers have become a new popular home item located on the main floor next to the door. It is an elevated shower with a hand-held shower head and half-height wall to save the room and floor from the often water shake-offs. If you have the room in your laundry room or mudroom, it can help contain moisture into one area of the house.
  2. Built-In Water and Food Bowl Station – sometimes, our pets water and food bowls are the eyesore of the room and tend to get messy. Consider making a built-in water and food station off your island or create their own bench that fits in with the ambiance of the rest of the kitchen or room. Another option is to make a low hanging pull-out drawer that allows you to hide them away when wanted!
  3. Pet door – and we aren’t talking about the old fashioned plastic flaps. Nowadays, pet doors can be incorporated inside your home that is cohesive with your doors and windows. Essentially, it can look like a little window close the floor next to your door.
  4. Built-in dog beds – kind of like built-in water and food dishes, having a built-in dog bed in your bedroom, living room or your dog’s favorite spot can help create a more cohesive look in your home.
  5. Personalized dog gate – has your dog knocked down those plastic hallway and doorway gates usually meant for babies? Have they also always just gotten in the way? A new creative way to keep your dog out of a certain room is by building a gate that is built-in to your specific space. You can make it cool and modern, like the new barn door style of however else it can integrate to your design flow.