According to the Alaska Multiple Listing Service, there has been changes to the average residential sale prices in both Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley that are important to take into consideration when both buying and selling a home.

In the Municipality of Anchorage, residential average sales prices have dropped 1.64%. In exact dollars, that is $6,119 less than 2018. However, previous data is important to note because the current 2019 average price of $367,036 is still higher than the average prices from 2010-2017 since there happened to be a 2.26% increase in 2018. Average home prices in Anchorage have seen a constant increase over the last decade, despite this years slight decrease. For buyers, this is still positive news because prices have seen a little decrease compared to last year and for sellers, this data set as a whole is good news because it shows how much Anchorage has grown over the last ten years and that selling prices are at a higher rate than they have been in the past.

As for the Wasilla/Palmer Core Commute, residential sale prices have been the highest they have been over the last decade, lying at $284,092. This is a 1.19% increase from last year’s average and a $23,106 increase over the last five years. The Mat-Su region is steadily growing in real estate value which means for buyers, now is the time to either invest or buy a home here before value continues to rise. For sellers, the future is bright and you can expect to see positive results when it comes to selling your home.  

Average Days on Market in Anchorage sit at 55 days in Anchorage and 63 days in Wasilla/Palmer this year, a small increase in both respected areas and still riding just below a national average standard. It seems like now more than ever, Alaska is a great place for real estate investment, opportunity, and living!