The end of summer is near and we don’t even want to begin to start thinking of the chillier days ahead. However, while we don’t want to be a total summer buzzkill, it really is a great time of year to start thinking about home maintenance tasks. August is a great month to get these things done, while the weather is still nice and kids are getting back to school. Here is a quick and easy guide to ensure things are running smoothly around your home.

  1. Tidy up your landscaping and gardens – keeping up with your curb appeal is very important for not only the looks of your home but also for its safety. Rid of any fallen branches or dead twigs, take care of any holes that could’ve been dug up by wildlife and collect any litter that may have fallen in your yard. By cleaning up your yard and landscaping now, you’ll be giving yourself a clean slate for next summer!
  2. Clean the gutters – always a good idea to do this each season, as you never know what may have fallen inside them. Make sure they are properly functioning and that water is not pooling near the base of your home because that can cause serious damage especially in the wet and colder months ahead. 
  3. Check up on your laundry room appliances – between summer and the start of the school year, your washer and dryer have been taking a beating. Just make sure that everything is running smoothly with your machine’s connections, that the water supply hoses are in good conditions and leftover lint has been cleared out of the lint catcher. You will be saving yourself an awful headache that could lead to household leakage or worse, dryer fires by just doing this simple checkup.
  4. Inspect your furnace – it isn’t cold out yet which is exactly why getting your furnace checked out now is smart – you don’t need it in case it does happen to be malfunctioning. Getting a furnace inspection will ensure that you are ready to go for autumn!
  5. Bug Watch – ants, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, you name it. They are all still around in August and actually can be more aggressive during late summer. If you see ants marching through your home, put down down ant traps and if you see any puddles of stagnant water, drain them so they don’t attract mosquitoes. Take a walk around your house, patio, and nearby trees to check for any wasps nests that can expand or create a problem for your home and apply a treatment.