Summertime is finally on its way and whether you are on vacation from school or planning on taking advantage of filling your weekend with fun activities, we’ve come up with a bucket list of things to do around Anchorage that you can try to finish by the end of summer!

  1. Find a moose. There are so many around Anchorage to be found!
  2. Take the Alaska train. The train departs every day in the summer to Seward, Prince William Sound, Denali, Talkeetna, and Fairbanks. 
  3. See the glaciers. Anchorage is surrounded by these gorgeous landscapes. Take a tour or a hike to appreciate their beauty.
  4. Visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Learn about Alaskan Native traditions, history, and language. There are many Native cultures within Alaska alone to learn about and appreciate.
  5. Bike the Coastal Trail. This bike path takes your 135 miles through the city. You can start downtown and start on the 11-mile trail or find yourself in the popular Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.
  6. Flightseeing. Have you ever soared above the mountains, glaciers and saw wildlife from a bird’s eye view? Anchorage is one of the busiest cities in floatplane bases and would make for an awesome experience!
  7. Ship Creek Fishing. There are thousands of salmon that return to Ship Creek every summer.
  8. Whale Watching. Blog coming up soon on all the Alaska Whale Watching options!
  9. Bears, oh my! Did you know Alaska is the only place in the U.S. with black, brown AND polar bears? If you take a visit to Katmai, Lake Clark or Chinitna Bay, you can see without disturbing!
  10. Midnight Sun. Until September, Anchorage will have more daylight than anywhere else in the country – gaining a half hour of it each week! Enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine at midnight and send a picture to friends from out of state.
  11. Anchorage Market, art & shopping. Shop local and find local goodies at our markets made by local artisans and find traditional Alaska Native art pieces.
  12. Visit National Parks. Between Denali, Kenai Fjords, Lake Clark and Katmai, a drive (or fly) from Anchorage is do-able and a luxury most people wish they had!
  13. Visit nearby wilderness areas. A short drive from the city, there are so many beautiful parklands to hike, raft, bike or to sit down and enjoy. Chugach Range is the closest to Anchorage.