Before you decide to take on a home improvement project, first ask yourself if it will be a project that will help you build equity on your home. While fixing a nagging problem in your home may be a no-brainer to help your everyday life, we want to talk about the bigger projects you may be thinking of taking on that can help you strategize what your priorities should be. You don’t want to just take on or improve anything in your home, you should want to be sure that it is something that is helping to add value. Here are our top 3 home improvement projects that you may want to tackle first when it comes to building your home equity.

Landscaping and curb appeal. This is found to be one of the most necessary improvements and most important features to potential homebuyers. If you think about it, your home’s exterior is the first impression piece that is needed in order to impress and charm guests and potential homebuyers. We also aren’t talking about putting in big, fancy fountains or a rare planted tree – we are talking about the simple things! A well-maintained yard does just the trick. As long as the plants are alive and well in fresh soil and the lawn is mowed regularly, you can see a decent amount of value being added to your home when it comes time to sell. If you are really feeling up to it, painting your front door in a neutral color that matches your house’s siding or brick can be the last piece of the puzzle to give it that extra charm.

Bathroom Upgrade. Bathroom remodels have been proven to give home sellers the most bang for their buck. According to a Zillow analysis, adding in a new toilet, tub, standing shower, light fixtures, sinks, and tiling can help result in around a $1.71 increase per dollar spent! If your bathroom is outdated, or you were thinking of switching your bathtub into a new sleek and modern standing shower, this is a project you may want to tackle head-on and do right.

Energy Efficient Windows. Nobody wants old drafty windows and whether you plan on selling in the near or far future, you should invest in more energy efficient windows no matter what. While initially, they seem like an expensive investment, they will save you money in the long run and make you some money when it comes time to sell. They will be able to aid in cutting down your heating bill and you will be able to say goodbye to those high utility bills.