As we have seen over the years, interior decorating trends of what is in and what is out has changed over and over and over again. Thanks to accessible things like Pinterest and HGTV home renovation shows, desired styles for home decorating and renovating have developed into the most current household trend – the “modern farmhouse” or as many like to put it, as Chip and Joanna Gaines style from the show Fixer Upper.

One of the most popular home design trends that the show has brought to light to many is shiplap. We did see shiplap back in the 90s for the desired Cape Cod styled interior, but in today’s design world, it is now used to create a more rustic but modern charm. It is a style that homeowners are finding adds interest to walls that they once weren’t so sure on how to decorate. Now with shiplap, anyone can bring a little bit of “modern farmhouse” style into their homes without having to break the bank or completely renovate the entire house. 

Shiplap, if you have never heard of it before, is known for being used as exterior siding for things like barns and sheds. Now, however, it is being used inside the home to add character and bring texture on the walls – laying pieces that fit snug together, most commonly in a horizontal fashion, but also can be done vertically too. There are different materials that can be used to achieve this look – it could be created with natural materials or with more manmade materials like MDF boards but either way, whichever material you decide to use, the end results come out looking timeless and simple.

Today’s buyers are looking for ways to make homes their own, while also keeping up with the current design trend of minimalism and simplicity. Shiplap walls keep rooms looking clean, bright and modern and also give a fun element to your home that can make it stand out from the rest. Shiplap also adds an element of coziness that will make you want to hang out in a certain room more often or get you excited to redecorate. What are your thoughts on this design trend? Do you think it is something worth trying out?