Are you thinking about making the move to our beautiful state of Alaska? Here are some reasons that may help make your decision a lot easier!

1. You will be paid to live here. The Permanent Fund Dividend Program grants full-time residents royalties every year that can vary anywhere from $800 to $1,100. Who doesn’t love extra cash to save for the future?! This was put into place to conserve portions of the state’s revenue and intended to help benefit Alaskan residents, while also attracting those to come live here.

2. There is nothing like Alaskan Beauty. This state has landscapes and features that are breathtakingly beautiful. From the ocean, to the mountains, volcanoes, Northern Lights and unique wildlife, the state of Alaska captures true and natural beauty that is hard to find in any other state. There are an array of National and State parks that preserve the mesmerizing beauty that is waiting for you to explore – and you’ll have an endless amount of time to explore them all when you become a resident.

3. Endless Recreational Opportunities. With a beautiful landscape comes so many opportunities to have some adventure and fun every day! You can say that our state is very far from being boring. From boating, fishing, hunting, skating, snow-shoeing, dog sledding, hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, rafting – you name it! Outdoor activities are endless. Also not to mention, Alaska is one of the best places to fish and hunt, with a list of unique species that many many states don’t offer.

4. National and State Parks – our National and State Parks are some of the most unique and beautiful in our country. Many tourists desire to come here and see the natural wonders that we have right in our backyard! From Denali National Park to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, there are so many parks to check off the list that only make it easier to see and adventure when you are a resident.

5. Alaskan Affordability – real estate prices stay pretty affordable in Alaska and there is no state income tax or sales tax. Alaska has some of the lowest taxes in the country and we still receive the Permanent Fund on top of these day-to-day savings.