Spring has sprung and being outdoors feels fresh and exciting! Trees are starting to bloom and the grass is getting greener! Here are some great curb appeal ideas that you can do on a budget to give the exterior of your home a fresh look for spring.

  1. Take care of the lawn. Starting with the first mow of the season, it is important to regularly mow the lawn in order for it to look most appealing. If you are noticing a lot of weeds in your yard, take the time to pull them and you’ll notice an instant difference. Edging your lawn will also make for an instant clean makeover.
  2. Groom your landscaping and garden beds. Pull the weeds and spread out new mulch for a fresh new look. By tending to these things early spring, you will rid of winters harshness on the old mulch and allow for those eye-catching spring flowers to stand out.
  3. Paint your front door. Front doors are a statement piece. Pick a color that stands out, it will add just the right amount of attention to give your house a fresher look. You can also add to it by putting up new house numbers!
  4. Clear off your driveway. Winter and the salt used to melt snow leaves cement looking dirty and worn. Hose down your driveway and edges of your house to wash away the dirt and build up from the winter.
  5. Trim your trees and bushes. Remove branches that are overgrown or are blocking windows or pathways. It will make for a cleaner look on the exterior.
  6. Update your porch and garage lights. If your outdoor lights are a little outdated, getting new light fixtures will give your home a brand new look! 
  7. Put plants in your empty planters. Do you have planters that haven’t been used in quite a while? Give them life and put seasonal flowers in them! It’ll be so nice to look out your window and see colorful flowers and your neighbors will love it too!