1. Maintain your yard and clean up your messes. Maintaining your yard includes but is not limited to mowing your lawn regularly, sprucing up your landscaping when the weather gets warm, cleaning up litter that may have landed on your lawn, shoveling your driveway and also the sidewalk that is in front of your home, collecting and disposing of fallen piles of leaves. Going above and beyond as a good neighbor may be lending a hand with the snow plowing when the weather strikes bad or offering to mow their lawn if they are in need. 
  2. Take your trash out. Your neighborhood has a scheduled time and day for when trash will be collected. There also are rules to follow as per bins you should be using for certain trash and recycling. You also do not leave trash bags outside on non-garbage days to avoid pests and vermin. If you do have large pieces of trash, they are handled correctly through local guidelines to be collected instead of sitting at your curb all week.
  3. Keep your pets under control. It’s hard to deny a cute furry friendly face when taking a walk through the neighborhood. However, not everyone necessarily loves your pet as much as you do. When letting pets outside, you keep them fenced in or on a leash in order to avoid any conflict or mishaps that may happen between those who are not fond of animals and your beloved furry family member. Or for that matter, between your animal and another neighborhood animal. Also keeping your pet up to date on vaccinations and following the local laws regarding their care.
  4. Follow noise regulations. We can’t blame our neighbors for having get-togethers at their home or having late night parties with friends and family. That is what home ownership is all about – being able to share a space with those we love! However, a good neighbor always considers the homes around them and doesn’t violate these regulations or put their neighbors in an uncomfortable spot to complain. An even better neighbor gives their other neighbors a notice when they are going to throw a party
  5. Help with favors when in need. Help look after your neighbors home when they are on vacation or help them bring heavy boxes inside. While you don’t have to do these things, it is nice. Having a support system within your neighbors at times in need is important!