Use spring to inspire your interior home decor! Here are some ideas inspired by the season of color and bloom!

Fresh cut flowers are the easiest way to bring spring inside. From lilacs to lilies to daffodils to the classic tulips, there are so many beautiful and colorful spring florals that it would be a shame not to use them for decor. They usually last to about a week in a watered vase, so it is fun to change it up every week with new colors and flowers. A way to really take it up a notch is by buying new vases that will make you excited to fill them up.

Another way to bring spring inside is by using its bright colors to inspire accent pillows, throw blankets and area rugs. If you noticed your house was lacking diversity in color, consider this simple idea. Having fun colored pillows and rugs can bring you instant cheer the next time you go to sit on the couch or take a walk down the hallway!

Floral wallpaper. Wallpapering one accent wall has become a new trend. There are so many cool wallpaper designs now that make you forget that it was an old technique used in your childhood home. Wallpaper can add a pop of color and design in a room that might need it and what is more spring than a modern floral design?

Another way spring can inspire your home decor is by allowing more plants into your home. While having a vase of flowers is lots of fun and adds vibrant unique colors, investing in plants that add greenery and will last a long time (and are also low maintenance) will bring more nature inside while freshening up the air you breathe and add natural vibrancy to your rooms. Snake plants, spider plants, Boston ferns, and philodendrons are some popular low-maintenance house plants, just to name a few.

Finally, choose a new bedroom color. Picking a new accent color for your bedroom will make it feel like brand new and will open up the possibilities of new decor ideas you can bring to your bedroom. Some recent popular colors are blue, blush and mustard. But always remember, purple is the color of relaxation!