March 20th marked the first official day of spring! Can you believe it already? Get excited, because it’s officially spring cleaning season! We always talk about how minimalism is in and clutter is out. Here is a good guide about things you should toss in each room of your home. If things are still in good condition or usable, don’t forget to donate!



Old/dry makeup

Expired medicine

Expired lotions

Old hair ties

Broken brushes

Dried up nail polish

Old bathmat 

Old perfumes

Change of toothbrush



Unworn clothing (see our Tidying Up blog post!)

Broken jewelry

Stained clothes

Unused purses and belts

Nightstand clutter/junk drawer

Shoe boxes and shopping bags

Old blanket



Mismatched Tupperware

Broken appliances and tools

Expired food in the pantry and fridge

Chipped plates and glasses

Over-worn sponge or dishcloth



Unused books – great to donate!

Old magazines

Old receipts

Dried out pens and markers

Junk drawer

Outdated electronics, chargers & cords

Expired coupons

Old notebooks

Random papers from the printer

Files – time to organize!



Broken toys

Games with lost pieces

Stuffed animals

Outgrown clothes

Unwatched DVDs

Unused video games 

Broken chair

Unused toys