Looking to update or renovate your bedroom this year? Consider these 2019 trends that everyone has been loving!

  1. Mid-Century design – clean and crisp, the mid-century decorating style has become very popular. With light and neutral colors on the wall, most preferably white, it is easy to make wooden furniture and bed sets stand out for a modern and minimalistic look.
  2. Tapestry area rugs – now that your walls are white, what other way to add in a pop of cool colors than a tapestry rug? Even if your bedroom is fully carpeted, it is still possible to find an area rug that can match on top if it, for a cool and modern vibe. Plus there are so many colorful options out there to choose from!
  3. Gold night stands – the ‘60s and ‘70s trend of gold furniture is making a comeback! Whether it’s a vintage or modern piece, gold is definitely in.
  4. Modern designed wallpaper – we’re not talking about the horrible ‘70s/‘80s trend of wallpapering the whole house. We are talking about finding a modern wallpaper for one wall of the bedroom – the stand out wall. This can add a cool and unique element to your room.
  5. Statement pieces – while the first thing that comes to your head when you hear ‘statement piece’, may be a piece of art, it can mean much more than that! While finding an awesome art piece for your room is a great way to start decorating, statement pieces can mean anything from a blue velvet bed bench, bold colored headboard or a large standing full length mirror. Every room needs its statement piece, it all just depends on your taste.
  6. Minimalism – your bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation. Modern interior design trends really try to stick to as little as possible, which ultimately does help in creating a clearer conscious and more relaxed feel. Too much clutter, especially in the bedroom, is definitely out with the old.