Mold is an unwanted sneaky thing that could be creeping in on your home. Here are some signs to take seriously that could indicate the growth of mold in your home.

Dark grout – is the grout between your bathroom tiles dark? Most likely, that is mold! 

Musty smell – if things seem to be smelling mustier than normal, especially after you have cleaned, this could be a leading sign mold. If this is the case, it can smell more musty in one area over the other, indicating where the mold may be.

Dark/colored spots on the wall – mold comes in all forms. It can look like the stereotypical green and fuzzy mold or brown spots on your ceiling from a leak. 

Peeling wallpaper/wall bubbles – surface abnormalities and peeling of your walls can be a sign of moisture that somehow got into your walls, which can lead to mold.

Allergies that won’t go away – mold can really make your allergies go crazy. From itchy eyes to a clogged nose, mold tends to enhance all symptoms you receive from seasonal allergies and make them even worse. 

Coughing and sneezing – along with allergy symptoms, mold reactions can be sneaky in that you may think it’s just a cold. If you notice your symptoms start acting up more in a certain room than others, or go away when you leave your home, it is a sure sign that there is mold inside your home.

Asthma worsens – if you have asthma, mold can aggravate your condition. If you are breathing abnormally or have shortness of breath in your home, it is most likely caused by mold.

As you can see, mold is a nasty thing to deal with! It has potential to be very harmful to you and your houseguests. It is very important to take immediate action when you realize something is off, to call a professional to come and take a look for you and to have it removed immediately.