It may have happened to you – you found your dream home but now you have come to find out the previous owner was a smoker. Covering up the smells with perfumes is only temporary and if you want the smell to permanently go away, use these tips and tricks.


  1. Start with your vents – smoke from cigarettes seeps into just about everything you can think of and the air ducts in your home are one of the big reasons the lingering smell has been sent all over your home. By giving your air ducts and evaporator coils a good cleaning, the biggest part of the problem will be fixed. Also, no matter how recently the previous owners replaced the air filter, replace it again and start with a fresh slate.
  2. Wash your walls and the ceiling – most people forget that your ceiling is another wall too! A 3:1 water to vinegar solution is a good smoke molecule killer and will give your walls a good fresh cleaning. To take extra precautions to ensure giving your walls a fresh start, a new prime and paint job may be the best solution!
  3. Did you know that lightbulbs actually carry a crazy amount of smoke dust? The dust latches on to the lightbulb and the only solution to get rid of the dust, is to replace the lightbulb all together. Any bulbs that you have not replaced yourself and came with the house, it may be best to change them out to make sure they aren’t fused with smoke dust.
  4. Curtains and blinds – while it is common for new home owners to change up the interior on their own, if you are still using curtains or blinds in the meantime from the previous owners, it isn’t a bad idea to give them a good wash. Cloth is cigarette smoke’s best friend!
  5. Speaking of smoke’s best friend – their other best friend is the carpet! If you are planning on keeping the carpet, a steam clean and a dousing of baking soda can help rid the smell of old smoke.
  6. Clean hardwood with a vacuum and then a good washing with water and your preferred liquid solution.
  7. Invest in a HEPA air purifier. A lot of commonly sold air purifiers won’t get rid of smoke smell and are mostly used for allergens and dust.  A HEPA air purifier works to rid of cigarette smell because they work at getting more complex and gaseous molecule pollutants filtered in your home’s air.