We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful state. We are gifted the most gorgeous scenic landscapes and nature that a lot of our fellow Americans don’t get to see on a normal basis. Alaska definitely has its advantages when it comes to living on a beautiful property. The endless possibility of property choices that Alaska has to offer can bring out the adventurer and outdoorsman in all of us.


Rivers – boating and fishing all in your backyard?! That sounds like an Alaskan perk to me! With all the rivers, streams and creeks that Anchorage and its surrounding areas have to offer, there is so much opportunity to live on a fisherman’s heaven!


Lakes – Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer and so many more towns are plentiful in small (and big) lakes to live on. Lake life comes with a peaceful atmosphere with all the outdoor amenities right outside your door. You get a pool without the maintenance!


Ocean – There are only so many states that can have the advantage of sharing their coast with the Pacific Ocean. Living on an oceanfront property or having a view of the ocean from your property is a gift in itself. A short walk to the beaches and gorgeous views all year round. Winter or summer, there is no denying that the ocean is always beautiful to look at.


Mountains – Could you imagine a more stunning view outside your window? Waking up to a snow capped mountain landscape sounds like an Alaskan dream. The Alaskan Range is gorgeous beyond compare and many people long for views like that right outside their home!