Can you believe it’s 2019?! What a blessing it is to be able to see another year and to be able to witness how far we’ve come. This world truly is amazing and there is so many good things lying ahead! 

Do you have a New Years Resolution this year? While in years past, it is common to maybe give up on them just a few weeks into January, why not try something new this year? Here are some resolution ideas that might be perfect for you and something to try!

More color in your shopping cart – going to the grocery store most of the time means following the same route and falling into the same routine. Try changing it up this year – grab the delicious looking fruit and put more of it in your diet! Especially here in Alaska, we can take all the Vitamin C we can get! This lifestyle resolution will make for a positive change in your health too! 


Be an appointment planner – it’s January! With so many appointments – between doctors and dentists and specialists to make for the year ahead, spend a day sitting down with a calendar to plan out all the appointments you need. As if going to the doctor wasn’t stressful enough, it’s even more stressful having to call, sometimes last minute to try and book an appointment. By spending a day getting all of those office calls out of the way, it will be so satisfying to know exact dates and times for the entire year of appointments! This is also a good opportunity for you to finally reach out to a specialist, like a dermatologist for example, to book that appointment you’ve been putting off.


Weekly phone sanitation – as weird as this sounds to be a resolution, this is the world we live in now. Think about all the places your phone has been! Then think about how often you hold it, and hold it onto your face when on the phone. Sometimes, our phones hold more bacteria than a toilet seat…yuck! By using sanitizing wipes weekly, you and your phone will become more germ free.


Plan a vacation – there is nothing better for the soul than what traveling and seeing new places can do. If you haven’t been away from home in quite a while, maybe 2019 is the year to check a place off your bucket list! This will create a boost of happiness and something to look forward to in your year. 


Incorporate podcasts into your every day listening – do you listen to music at work? While you workout? While walking the dog? While music is of course not a bad thing, you can try changing up these routines every now and then by listening to a podcast. You can find one to your liking – they can be educational, news worthy, pop culture informing or even murder mystery solving! There are so many great podcasts out there on the Apple Podcast app or even Spotify! 


Make more YOU time – especially after the holidays, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. Make it a resolution this year to always set time during the day for YOU! Whether that means doing a quick workout, reading a book, taking a bath, a facial or even taking a nap that may be much needed. The world won’t end if you treat yourself to the time that you, your body and mind deserve.