1. Less competition – it is proven that throughout the years, there tends to be less interested home buyers in the winter months. House hunting is more popular in the spring and summer seasons, which is something that you can work to your advantage. Since there are fewer buyers on the market, sellers become more serious on selling. This can lead to a good deal that can work in the buyers favor, without as much competition or outbidding.


  1. Lower Prices – in simple economics terms, when the supply of houses is greater than demand, prices on the houses will become lower. Hitting up the housing market during peak seasons won’t give the buyer this advantage.


  1. Motivated Sellers – since winter is very slow for sellers, they tend to become more anxious to sell. This can result in better negotiations on the selling price, closing costs or even the closing date. 


4. Undivided attention – with slow activity in the winter months, realtors will be able to      give you their undivided attention. They will be able to work harder for you and really work to push negotiations to your benefit.


5. Be ready for summer – by buying a home in the winter months, it will give you plenty of time during the bad and cold weather, to stay indoors and really get your house looking the way you want it. There is more time to put boxes away and get everything organized! Once spring and summertime roll around, you’ll be able to enjoy the amenities your house comes with – a new deck? A pool? The lake?! Buying in the winter when you can dedicate time to really settling in, will give you all the fun time needed for outdoor activities when the weather starts getting warm!