Winter in Alaska can be difficult for some. Between the constant darkness and freezing temperatures, Alaskans need to come up with a plan on how to beat the season.


Start with your winter wardrobe. Do you have all the essentials? Do you need some new things? Winter gear is our every day look, so it is okay to spend on a nice coat or boots that you know will keep you warm. We live in a place where buying nice winter clothing is a good investment. Long underwear, sweaters, warm socks, hats and gloves make it easy to layer up and stay comfortable from the heated office, to the cold walk to your car outside.


Since Alaska only gets about five hours of sunlight a day during the winter, many Alaskans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). One way to find an alternative to the lack of sunlight, is by investing in a lamp that replicates daylight from the sun – a sun lamp or light box. The stimulation of sunlight exposure these lamps bring to your home can really help combat SAD.


Another reason that Seasonal Affective Disorder can come into play during these long and dark winter months can be due to the lack of exercise, which results in less serotonin that is released into our bodies. Without exercise, our bodies have low energy and no stimulation. While it may be hard to want to go for your daily walk or run outside in the cold weather, make it a goal to try your best to get out there, especially if you have a dog to walk. If that is not for you, then joining a gym or doing an at home workout (there are so many great videos on YouTube that are free) can really help you beat the blues.


Another way to get active and out of the house is by finding a winter hobby that you enjoy doing on a weekly basis. Whether that be skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, cooking or even meeting up with friends for dinner, it’s important to have things to look forward to week to week. 


By taking the time to sit down and take action on how you are going to combat the winter blues that Alaska may bring, it can make you feel like a brand new person. There is no need to get in a slump and put life on pause just because the cold weather and dark days are cast upon us!