Winter is the time of the housing year where both sellers and buyers are serious. There are so many benefits for a buyer to buy in the winter, and there are just as many benefits for a seller to sell in the wintertime.


It’s okay to decorate for the holidays! In fact, buyers may be more inclined to come see your home if you play up the decor. Highlight the pretty features of your home like the fireplace or grand windows with lights, garlands and a pretty lit tree. If you have a designated dining room, set it up for the holidays as if you are going to be hosting a holiday dinner. A lot of people are ‘wowed’ by this magical time of the year and bringing that into your home can really help the sale – but remember, always stay simple in the decor! 


Decorating also goes for the outside of your home as well. This year may not be the year to pull out the crazy dancing lights or blow ups, however, a pretty wreath hung on the door and some classic icicle lights can help with the holiday curb appeal.  


Be ready for a showing at any time. This is a rule that should be followed at any point in the year if you are selling your home, however, if you want to sell fast during the holidays, you can really stand out in the crowd if you commit to this part. Lot’s of sellers during the holidays are less likely to be ready or willing to have last minute showings due to being out of town or hosting. But, if you are willing to sacrifice a little more this holiday season in order to get your home sold, this can be the exact thing you need to do.


Get your home pre-inspected. This can be a great marketing tactic to make buyers more inclined to choose your house. This shows that your home is move-in ready and can highlight all the new improvements you may have made in the home.


Like we have said before, there are less buyers in the housing market during the holidays and winter months. It is important to really stand out from the crowd and ensure that your home is in its most pristine condition.