If you have the honor of hosting a holiday party with family and friends this year, it’s time to start putting things into consideration. The biggest key to hosting is making your guests feel right at home! Here is a list of little things you can do to ensure a warm, inviting and fun time.


  1. Make sure your outdoor lights are on and adequate! Whether it be from your year round porch lights or the string icicle lights, make sure your house is festive and well lit from the dark winter evenings.
  2. Create space in your mudroom or coatroom. Put away your family’s big coats and boots in another room, in order for there to be room for your guests shoes and coats when they arrive.
  3. Have all the dishes done and ready to go. Ensure that all of your utensils are spot and food-free and put away the rest. Empty the dishwasher or drying rack of clean dishes and if you have dirty dishes from cooking for your guests, hide them away in the dishwasher – that way at end of the night, you can press the ‘start’ button and head to bed without a stack of dishes in the sink!
  4. Prep the bathroom. Make sure that all bathrooms are ready to go for your guests – especially the one that is going to be used the most. Make sure extra toilet paper is accessible, a little trash can is available, a fresh hand towel is hung up and the hand soap is full. Even better for the holiday season – try finding festive towels and hand soap to go with the theme!
  5. Set the mood – create holiday spirit in your home and have it ready for the first guests arrival to avoid any awkwardness. Put on your holiday playlist, make sure the holiday lights and tree are lit and maybe light a few holiday candles to create a festive ambiance. 
  6. Put away important paperwork and medicines. It may be best to go through easily accessible drawers, cabinets, desks and countertops and put important things in a safe spot in your home – maybe a bedroom where you know guests won’t be accessing. That way, there is no need to panic if things spill or get misplaced!