On November 30, 2018, Alaskans faced a scary call by nature. An earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude shook our world causing a surreal impact. Infrastructures, roads and people’s homes had all been affected with damage. Earthquakes are something that Alaskans are familiar with, however, during the moments of activation, it doesn’t make our familiarity any less scary. 

While it may be too late now, after the earthquake we just experienced, it is still important to prepare your home for an earthquake in case of a next time. With the unpredictability of earthquakes, you can at least take control of the safety of your house if the time comes.

Earthquake Coverage – is this part of your insurance policy? If not, upgrade your policy to cover earthquake damage. You never know what could happen and if you at least have insurance coverage on earthquake damage, it could be a blessing in the future.
Check your home’s foundation – if your home is not fixed into the ground either by anchor bolts or steel plates, tremors could cause it to wobble, crack or completely crumble. If you have an older home that is held up by its own weight, it is important to make sure it is fixated into the foundation of the ground.
Fix any crack – whether it be in the roof, walls or foundation. Any point of weakness has a higher chance of breaking if an earthquake were to hit.
Shatterproof film – glass windows could lead to major injuries if shattered. By putting a shatterproof film over it, all pieces will stick together if it ever does happen to break due to an earthquake, and there won’t be harmful shards of glass lying around.
Anchor in furniture – dressers, wardrobes, standing shelves or anything else that is heavy, should be bolted into the wall or floor. This ensures complete safety from heavy falling objects.
Be wise about your furniture and decor – living in Alaska, it is important to be aware of earthquakes. It is best to choose decor that is safer than others – maybe stay away from glass tables or lamps, don’t hang heavy artwork above where people’s heads might be on a couch or bed and consider all scenarios of being in your house if an earthquake hits. By ensuring everything is secure and not harmful, you are doing your best to make sure you are prepared in case of another quake.