While it may seem like every room in your house needs a little sprucing, it may be the most satisfying to start with your main bathroom. It is a place that gets used every single day and goes through the most wear and tear. Giving it some TLC can make you more excited about your living space and inspire you to spread the love around!

Are you using an old shower curtain? Toss it aside and go shopping for a new one! If it was a funky design, consider changing it to a more simple look, or if it was simple in the first place, consider finding one with a cool design. Shower curtains take up a lot of visual space in a bathroom so finding one that changes things up will make it feel different. Also, take this time to change the liner if you haven’t done so in a while.

The popular shiplap walls. While it can get expensive for big projects, it could be a cool and affordable thing to do in your bathroom! Bathrooms tend to be smaller and have smaller wall space. By putting in a shiplap wall you can change the whole look of your bathroom!

Not into shiplap? What about painting a different color? Neutrals like white and light grey are popular right now to make things look tidy and clean. Bolds like navy blue and emerald green are also in right now to add some flair and spunk. Basing your color scheme around a new shower curtain you found or the tiles in your standing shower will make for the perfect combo!

Get new accessories. If you’ve been putting your toothbrush in the same toothbrush holder for as long as you can remember, it may be time to update your bathroom trinkets. When you go shopping for something that you haven’t ‘shopped for’ in years, it all becomes new and exciting!

Figure our storage space. Less is more when it comes to your valuable counter space. By adding in shelving or cleaning out space in your cabinets for things like mouthwash or hairspray that was taking up counter space before, can make you feel like a totally new person! Floating shelves are popular right now and adding cute baskets to hold things make for functional storage that adds to the design of your bathroom.

Last but not least, if it is within your budget, consider adding new lighting. Bathroom lighting is very important and if it is something that has been bugging you recently, either by its functionality or by its looks, a new light can be just the thing to help you complete a little bathroom reno.