Whether you are an active buyer looking for a new home or someone who is settled in your family home, everyone has their own requests in what their dream home would have. We asked some of our followers what their number one thing is on their ‘must-have list’ when looking for a home and we got some great answers that we can totally see why – especially here in Alaska!

Separate laundry room – old school laundry rooms a lot of times, are located in the garage. But in Alaska?! Brrr! What homeowners want is a room inside their home dedicated to their washer and dryer so they can do laundry in the coziness of their home. 

Guest bathroom – the in-laws are in town and the kids are getting ready for school…at the same time. Wouldn’t it be nice to give your guests their own space to get ready? Hosting friends or family is so much fun and it feels even better knowing they have their own private area to get ready and to make them feel more comfortable.

Mudroom – whether you are coming in from a muddy hike or the family is tracking in the snow off their boots, Alaska calls for a decked out mudroom, don’t you think? Keeping the mess from the outside contained in one room is very ideal.

Garage – nobody likes getting up extra early in the winter time to shovel off their car and hope that the ice on their windshield melts in time. Being able to ride your car straight out of the garage, sans snow, is quite a dream!

View – when you live in a state like Alaska, it is hard to not want a mountain view. A dream home here would call for big open windows overlooking the beautiful Alaskan landscapes!

Kitchen – no matter where you live in the world, having a big modern kitchen with all new appliances would always be at the top of a must-have list. There is no cozier feeling than cooking up a Sunday meal in your clean kitchen, with all the space and comfort you could ask for.