It happens to all of us…one day we take a look around our house and we ask ourselves “how did I let it get this messy?!” Life happens and sometimes keeping the house tidy is on the last of the to-do list. Here are some tips on how to schedule out ways to keep up with the mess.

Every Day:

-Clean and put away the dishes. The longer you let them sit in the sink, the smellier and more piled on they become!
-Wipe down the countertops. At the end of the evening, wipe down today’s crumbs before they become a part of the house.
-Sweep up/Swiffer the floors. Just like the countertops, if you don’t get rid of the crumbs and spills of today, it will lead to a much more stressful cleanup day in the future.

Once a Week:

-Wipe down your appliances. Between fingerprints, microwave explosions and some bubbling spaghetti sauce you made the other night, there is a good chance your appliances need a good wipe down.
-Clean your mirrors. It happens to everyone – the toothpaste splatter and hairspray really can take a toll on the clarity of mirrors.
-Change your sheets. You’ll feel much better going to bed at night knowing that at least one thing is still fresh!
-Do the laundry! Don’t let it pile up, because we all know what happens when you do.
-Vacuum. Now is your time to actually vacuum up your floors and carpets. As long as you keep up with the sweeping on a daily basis, vacuuming won’t be such a workout.
-Scrub the toilets.

Once a Month:

-Give your kitchen and bathroom really good cleanings. From wiping down the cabinets, giving the tub a good scrubbing, disinfecting everything and even giving the inside of your fridge some TLC.
-Vacuum baseboards and vents. This is especially true in the winter months ahead because of all the dust that accumulates in a closed window house.
-Disinfect your garbage cans. This is something we don’t often think about but is pretty important, especially if you have kids in the house. 
-Clean your throw pillows and blankets. Especially if a member of the family has been sick or the dog has been getting extra cozy on the couch lately. It is good to keep these items fresh.