For some people, the month of November can mean traveling on the long weekends. Here are five must-haves for packing for a long weekend:

Versatile clothing – an easy way to pack lightly is by packing pieces of clothing that can be versatile in the way you wear them – meaning, stay neutral and simple. Sticking to simple jeans that can turn from day wear into nightwear, or choosing more neutral colors that can be re-worn without being too noticeable is the way to go. You are only away for a few days, and packing more clothes than really necessary will overwhelm you when it comes down to preparing. Depending on where you are traveling to, the weather in November seems to be on the chillier side, so keep that in mind when packing your clothing.

Pick the right luggage – there is no need to lug around a big suitcase for a weekend trip. A soft duffel bag can not only give you an incentive to pack lightly but also can easily be thrown in an airplane cabin or beneath your feet on a train.

Try to leave your styling tools behind – unless your hair absolutely needs to be straightened or curled while you are gone, leave these bulky tools at home! If you are staying at a hotel they most likely will provide a hairdryer. If it is an absolute must to style your hair while away, try sticking to one or the other for the weekend so you only need to bring one.


Travel Light – It might seem easy to just throw your big bottle of shampoo and shower gel into your bag for the sake of convenience but you will thank yourself later if you bring travel sizes with you! Especially if you are packing lightly and trying to stick to a carry on bag, using travel sizes products are the way to go. The best part is you can throw them away by the end of the weekend and not have to worry about repacking them on your way home.

Use your phone for pictures – unless it is at your family’s request to bring along your big professional camera, leave it at home! Smartphones nowadays take great pictures and you won’t have to lug around any more added weight for your quick travel weekend.